Research and Development

The Industrial Hub

Applied Research and Technological Development

Applied research, technology development and integration are fundamental building blocks to the sectors’ value proposition, competitiveness, and sustainability. The ministry, together with the industrial sector has founded the Industrial Hub as an integrated powerhouse to:

  1. Make the current industries more competitive and sustainable through technology development and integration
  2. Strengthen the sectors’ transformation towards knowledge-based activities
  3. Expand Oman’s expertise into regional and new markets
  4. Create new industries and economies
  5. Support SME and new knowledge-intensive employment

The Industrial Hub works with the industry and stakeholders to:

  1. Develop/consolidate technological inputs and knowledge activities
    1. Business development
    2. Industrial research and tech deployment projects
    3. Industrial COEs and infrastructure
    4. Software and databases
    5. Human capital development through internships, industrial certifications, SME development, others
  1. Ensure/maximise technological outputs and knowledge outcomes
    1. New or improved technological products and services
    2. New or improved business processes/models
    3. New or improved organizational/managerial practices
  1. Maximise business competitiveness, growth and sustainability impacts
    1. Industry growth i.e. new demand or increased market share due to enhanced quality or cost advantage
    2. Productivity growth i.e. improved business processes and technology
    3. Economic diversification i.e. new and transitioning economies
    4. Knowledge management, technological development and competitiveness indices

The Industrial Hub short, mid and long-term working model significantly contribute to the aspirations of Oman Vision 2040 – through an industry-led economic transformation and growth.