CIGRE Muscat International Symposium - The region's largest gathering of electric power experts.

CIGRE Muscat International Symposium - The region's largest gathering of electric power experts.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

H.E. Mohsen Hamad Al Hadhrami, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, kicked off the CIGRE Muscat International Symposium, the region's largest gathering of electric power experts, which was held from 6-8 March 2023 at OCEC.

The symposium is organized by The International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE), which is a global non-profit organization mainly devoted to encouraging and exchanging information and expertise in the field of high-voltage electrical systems field of Electricity Systems.

The symposium was hosted by the Regional Committee for Electric Systems in the GCC (CIGRE GCC) in cooperation with the Oman Electricity Transmission Company.

The three-day conference addressed the influence of the movement towards reducing carbon emissions and the transition to renewable energy on power sector infrastructure, as well as strategies to achieve more durable, adaptive, and sustainable electrical systems.

More than 60 international experts in the field of electric energy discussed the cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, particularly in the fields of electric power systems, electricity transmission networks, renewable energy, and a variety of other themes, at the symposium.

Symposium themes:

  • Driving towards an enhanced system Sustainability, and Resiliency with increasing shares of Renewables
  • Innovations in Future Power Grids in Energy Storage.
  • Electric Vehicles & Digitalization
  • Development in HVDC Grids and Multi-terminal HVDC

The technical program for the symposium was organized under the oversight of the international study committees of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE), which ensured it highlighted the sector's challenges and potential solutions while also showcasing the latest developments in transmission and distribution network technology.

The symposium's program, which included interactive sessions, panel discussions, technical lessons, and a short course, gave participants the chance to network with electricity industry experts from around the world and explore global trends to decrease carbon emissions and enhance reliance on renewable energy and its effect on electricity systems.

His Excellency Mohsen Al-Hadrami said: “In the Sultanate of Oman, we are heading steadily towards positioning this sector at a high level of growth and development, in partnership between the private and public sectors. Thanks to our capacities that enable us to continually expand and advance, as well as the availability of a suitable infrastructure and a strategy for the transition to clean energy, we are moving toward openness to regional and global experiences in this sector. The shift to carbon-free energy is a priority for the sultanate.”

HE stated that this symposium represents a global platform enabling the exchange of knowledge on technical and organizational aspects that focus on the adaptability of energy systems, innovations, technologies, solutions and sustainability efforts. The Sultanate aspires to learn about the various international experiences in energy systems and review the best contemporary practices used in this crucial sector.

The symposium will also cover a wide range of topics, including the development of flexible sustainable energy systems capable of absorbing the steady increase in renewable energy shares, as well as the most recent innovations and solutions in the fields of energy storage and digitization and their impact on the future of electricity systems. In addition to improving the reliability of energy transmission networks and systems to assure their security and sustainability.

According to Eng. Ahmed Naser Al-Naser, the chairman of the board of directors of the Regional Committee for Electric Systems in the GCC (CIGRE GCC), the electric power sector is currently facing several issues around the world, and the CIGRE Muscat International Symposium is a platform for energy systems experts from all over the world to come together to discuss how infrastructure and electricity networks may respond and adapt to the rapid changes in the global energy mix.

According to Eng. Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Rahbi, Senior Manager - Asset Manager at Oman Electricity Transmission Company and a member of the Board of Directors of the Regional Committee for Electric Systems in the GCC (CIGRE GCC), Oman is undergoing a major transformation as the Sultanate's commitment to Net Zero and drive to become one of the primary producers of green hydrogen will impact the country's energy systems and networks. It is a challenge that demands a greater reliance on renewable energy production, requiring more flexible and robust networks.

The CIGRE Muscat International Symposium is an ideal opportunity for our engineers and experts at Oman Electricity Transmission Company and the entire energy sector to network with the top experts from across the world and learn about the latest trends and technological breakthroughs.

He went on to state that the symposium featured 8 technical sessions conducted by the chairs of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) study committees and distribution network experts from Oman Electricity Transmission Company and Nama Group.


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