Green Hydrogen Economy Development

Towards diversifying sources of energy, reducing carbon emission and promoting economic growth. 

The sultanate of Oman represented by the Energy sector and the Ministry of Energy and Minerals is interested in the production of Green Hydrogen, and it aims to be the world top producers as it enjoys several potentials such us solar and wind energy, and the extended lands, in addition to its long experience in energy production, export and its centrality in markets and international trade routes which will contribute to achieve Oman’s plans to be an important center for green hydrogen production and exportation. 

To be in line with the global transformation into lower carbon emissions, and the wider usage of green hydrogen to generate electrical power and provide thermal energy, the Ministry in coordination with its partner works on: 

  • Accelerate the regulation of this sector.
  • Set the legal frameworks and necessary polices for the sector growth.
  • Allocate the sites for green hydrogen production. 
  • Localize this technology and conduct studies. 
  • Include a directorate general within the Ministry to be in charge of clean energy and hydrogen. 
  • Establish a company for the development of this promising sector. 

Strategic objectives:

  • Achieving energy security through the integration between traditional resources and renewable energy. 
  • Oman to become a trusted key player in the international energy market. 
  • Enhancement of national capabilities. 
  • Promotion of renewable energy and clean hydrogen. 
  • Maximizing trade opportunities and strategic partnerships in the production and exportation of Hydrogen.
  • Accelerating hydrogen absorbing in heavy industries. 
  • Raising competitiveness in fostering opportunities in Hydrogen sector. 
  • Encouraging local industries to transform form natural gas to green alternatives. 

Partnership and Cooperation 

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals has patronized the establishment of the national green hydrogen alliance known as “Hi Fly” to place the Sultanate of Oman on the map of developing the production of clean hydrogen and usage. The alliance includes 13 main entities from public and private sectors that would work to support and facilitate the production, transportation, local utilization and exportation of clean hydrogen. In addition to driving forward the technologies of clean hydrogen development, and using it in line with energy diversifications plans.