Striving to become a developed country, the Sultanate of Oman is building a productive and diversified economy, founded on innovation, integration of roles, and equal opportunities; leveraging Oman’s competitive advantages, driven by the private sector towards integration into the world economy and active contribution to international trade; to ultimately achieve inclusive and sustainable development, based on effective economic leadership that operates within an institutional framework of coherent and contemporary economic policies and legislations, to ensure financial sustainability and diversify public revenues.

In Oman’s vision for the future, a favourable environment is developed to attract talents in the labour market; partnerships grow in a competitive business climate, comprehensive regional development is achieved through decentralisation, guided by the principle of optimal and balanced use of land and natural resources and the protection of the environment to bring about food, water and energy security. Smart and sustainable cities are built with advanced IT infrastructure; and socio-economic prosperity and social justice are nurtured in urban and rural communities.